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Evernote Teams and Salesforce Integration Error

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We have Evernote professional with the Web API add-on enabled in our tenant.

We installed Evernote Teams for Salesforce 1.58 managed packaged in Salesforce and configured it based on the suggested knowledge base article, here.

Long story short, after ensuring our Salesforce permission set had API Enabled (we have other integrations working fine), we receive the error below when attempting to view the cards on the account.

We have encountered a problem
Could not retrieve your user urls. XHR error event
Try Again
If problems persist, try reauthorizing your connection to Evernote. Reauthorize

We have reauthorized a few times but it didn’t help but reload the widget in which case it goes right back to this message.We have also regenerated the access key in Evernote but that didn’t work either.

Hopeful someone out here has seen and resolved this issue.

Evernote error screenshot.png

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It is not clear who is posting here. Just as a rule: Users of a Teams account should talk to their assigned admin, the admin should talk to support. First because maybe a user is not entitled to do something by the admin - which support can't sort out. Second because only the admin can know whether a problem is a small one for the organization, or critical because a large number of users are stopped cold.

Short version:

If you are a user, talk to your admin. If you are an admin, talk to support.

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