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Calendar feature of EN v10 (both desktop and ios) a little spotty?

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Yesterday I was able to see today's events from my google calendar directly showing up on my calendar widget in EN ios.  Today I'm looking both at the desktop EN and at my iphone EN and am seeing an empty calendar for today.  The calendar should be linked to Google calendar and the correct accounts have been selected.  However, it's not showing up.  Somehow the syncing between google calendar and EN is not flawless.  As it stands now the calendar widget is not as useful as it could be.

Addendum: Approximately half an hour after posting this I noticed that the calendar for today had populated on the desktop version.  An hour later those events disappeared again!  I'm testing this in real time so can verify that calendar widget is definitely not ready for prime time.

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Better to send support tickets about this to EN support - including activity logs.

You always know that EN is closely watching an issue when "Staff" appears in the forum. This happened on tasks, and currently it is happening on calendar integration.

It can do no harm to give support and the devs some more input.

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Actually I discovered the solution to the problem.  My google calendar has 5 different calendars (wife, kids, work etc) that all pop up when I look at my calendar.  I just realized that EN only allows you one of these.  For some reason, that one defaulted to my wife's calendar and I wasn't seeing any of my calendar events.  Once I unchecked all the other calendars I could now see my events in a proper fashion.  I have to say that it was not immediately apparent to me that you need to do this in order for this to work.

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