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Evernote freezes when opening note

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I have several notes that are like "journals" -- I add a little bit to them every day. They're not large; one is 38kb according to Evernote.

When I try to edit one of these notes in the mobile app, Evernote freezes up, often for more than 60 seconds (I've timed it). By freezes up, I mean that the keyboard appears but I can't type or scroll the screen. I can use the system controls to switch away from the app, but I can't do anything in the app.

I have had the same problem on two different phones, an old Pixel 2 and a brand new, stock Pixel 6.

I'm currently on Evernote for Android 10.21, but this has been happening for months. What can I do about this?

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Don't use this journaling mode - it is one of the known issues of all v10 clients.

v10 is syncing all the time, and syncing with EN means "sync the whole note". If you add a nitty detail to a note, the whole note is treated as changed, and synced in its entirety. While it syncs, the app freezes.

As a workaround: You can create a "master" note with a table of content. Each entry in the TOC leads to one smaller note. You edit the small note only. For example instead of a yearly journal, you create 50 weeklies. Every day you add a little to the current week. Next Monday you start the next week with a clean note.

To get everything together (if this is what you want to get in the end), you can later merge notes. It will handle them o.k., when the permanent editing has stopped.

Not nice, but probably currently the best way to avoid the situation you described.

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Thanks for the workaround. I guess it must be doing some kind of sync of the entire saved history or something like that, since 38k of text normally wouldn't take 60 seconds to transfer. I'll try to start new docs more frequently.

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Yes, I completely agree, it must be some active processing going on. Text only notes are never that heavy in terms of data that it should take any time to sync.

Every note in fact is a small, lean webpage. Maybe it has to do with this HTML overhead, somehow.

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