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Hello. My version is on Windows 10. I bought a new HDD and re-installed my Evernote there and logged into my old account.

My issue is the following. Whenever I edit a note A in the app, then select note B, then select again note A, no changes to note A are visible.

Could anyone please help?

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Did you install just now ? Maybe EN is still downloading stuff and building the local database. Then it is just waiting.

General remark: EN runs much smoother from a SSD Drive than from a turning disk HDD drive.

Given the prices of SSDs there is practically no reason to rely on a HDD for normal use. They are used where price/TB is relevant, or speed not important, like data centers or backups.

A SSD is the best way to speed up any older PC that still has a turning disk drive.

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This is the Android v8 forum so you may miss ideas from other better informed users. The normal approach to this type of issue is to completely uninstall with an uninstaller program such as Revo Uninstaller. Reboot Windows then reinstall. 

Also checking that this isn't a note shared with you in which case you may not have permission to edit the note.

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Moved to the Windows thread.  Just as a thought - you say you reinstalled Evernote on your new drive;  did you backup the old drive and move the whole folder across? Or simply download and install Evernote and leave the server to rebuild your database?  Try making a change on your new installation and see whether that shows up when you sign in to the app via a browser.  

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