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Unable to use even 2 devices with Evernote free

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I have selected 2 devices, Chrome Browser(pc) and my android phone to be connected with my Evernote free account. But, when I opened my Evernote mobile app, I was logged out, saying that I can use only 2 devices. I couldn't deselect any application, because I have exhausted the no of chances per month for choosing the devices 

A few days back, when I opened the Evernote browser, it was shown to be associating dozens of devices with my free account.

Thanks for any help.

2. Though I would like to upgrade, there's no option to do so from my debit card or net banking. I do not have a credit card. I am from India.

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  • Evernote Expert

I think you are likely to struggle with you're devices until you have the ability to deregister some more. The way to resolve this would be to access your account and deregister all devices then start with the two you require.

The current advice for users in India is to subscribe via the Google Play Store or the iOS app store to work around the banking restrictions on India.

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