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Moving a note to a NEW notebook on the Web

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I generally use Evernote on my Android phone.

When I want to move a note to a new notebook that I haven't created yet, the process is very simple - inside the note, I merely click on the notebook name at the top of the note, and then instead of choosing from the list of notebooks that appear I can click on an icon in the top right corner in order to create on-the-fly a new notebook.

However, on the few occasions that I have used the web site, I cannot find a way to create a new notebook on-the-fly.  I need to first create the notebook, and only then can I go in to the note and move it to that new notebook.

Is there a way on the web to get the same functionality as on the Android app - create a new notebook from inside a note in order to move it there?



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And the mighty green elephant stepped from a fiery cloud and spoke the words: It is the first sin amongst my kin to Kreate new notebooks on the fly - because having plenty of notebooks is THE EVIL in my fiefdom !

Or in short words: No. No such option in the web client. And neither in the desktop clients.

Which is good, because you should train yourself to organize by tags, not by notebooks. And with tags, you can add an existing one, or create a new one - all with the existing functions available in all clients.

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Thanks Pink Elephant for your reply and explanation.

I was under the impression that arranging notes by notebooks was the preferred method, I've created about 50 notebooks.

I can see why tags might be more flexible, since you can assign multiple tags to a note, but until now I haven't worked that way.

Oh well....


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The main use for notebooks is a rough grouping of notes, and so set up special uses.

Example: Want to share information with another person ? Set up a notebook, share it, every note dropped in there will be available for the other person.

But for the logical organization, tags are the (superior) way to go. 

This is how EN works - who wants something else, should look for alternatives.

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