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Source of email address auto-population?

Stacey Harmon


When you go to assign a task (or share a note), the interface sometimes pre-populates email addresses that are somewhere in my system. But, I don't know what that source is. Does anyone know where Evernote is getting the addresses from that it pre-populates? Is there a way to edit that list? It doesn't act like it is tied exclusively to other Evernote user account...it seems customize to my contacts, but also it doesn't reflect all the contacts I'd expect if this is true. I can't figure out where it is pulling from and would like to understand this. 


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Interesting question. I did not find a consistent method of finding contacts.

On iOS (without deeper knowledge) it draws from your contacts if allowed - but only one email address per contact. AFAIK you can't even select which mail address is picked. There is a switch to allow the EN app contacts access in the iOS settings for the EN app. When trying it found all I tried, and if there were several contacts, it showed a list. But only on email address per contact.

On the Mac I have not found it working consistently. Some are found, many more not. Many contacts found on iOS were not found on the Mac. I have not found a permission on the Macs settings. I think it builds its own contacts list, somehow, somewhere. If I had a Work Chat with somebody, this is offered. But there are others found without a work chat.

So currently it seems better to assign anything to contacts using an iOS client.

Edit: I don't run a Google account (I try not to run ANY Google services).

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I've always found that the Email addresses appear to come from my linked Google account - similarly when typing addresses to share a note. Perhaps you could disable by disconnecting Google Calendar and Contacts in your EN account settings but that may restrict other things you do want ;)

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