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Is my Evernote data stored on my systems disk?

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I am upgrading to a new Mac and just downloaded the new Evernote (10.25.6).   My old mac is running Evernote 7.14.    It looks to me like the new version of Evernote (10.25.6) does not store a copy of the notes locally on the hard disk.  The new version of Evernote does not have a sync icon etc.    Is this true?    Is my data now 100% in the cloud and there is no local copy? 

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If there is a local copy is your choice. Open the app, go to EN, preferences. If the option „Keep data when leaving the app“ is checked, a local database will be build.

Syncing is automatic, no button. If you want to get one, search the forum. You can add your vote there.

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