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Is there a way to suppress update notifications from Evernote?

I get annoyed when I'm doing something else, outside of Evernote, when Evernote suddenly butts in, steals focus, minimizes my current window to tell me it has updates.

I don't want it to tell me it has updates unless I'm using Evernote.  If I'm actually in the program, fine.  But if I'm browsing reddit on Chrome or working on a web app in VSCode or whatever, I don't need it suddenly interrupting what I'm doing.


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I think that this would be something at the OS level rather than inside Evernote. But disabling notifications in the operating system would also mean missing notifications such as note or task reminders.

I wish I got reminders for updates. I invariably have to manually update since waiting for an alert could mean weeks before the next version arrives with me ;)

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If you have a Mac, and if you have updated to MacOS 12 Monterey, you have the new focus mode. It allows very precisely to define which app, or person is allowed to disturb you in which situation. You can create different modes to cover your typical situations, not only work / leisure / sleep. If you want, you can even set a focus mode for your VSCode hours, allowing only the apps needed for it, nothing else.

If you don’t have a Mac, and if you don’t run Monterey yet, it is up to you to change this …

Else you can try to play with notifications settings. Since you say nothing about device, platform and OS, no further advise possible.

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