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How does "contains:person" recognized names exactly?

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according to the  Use advanced search syntax pag e contains:person  find notes with "Person names" , but how does Evernote recognize person names exactly, is it a fixed list of first names and  surnames? If so  what languages are included in that fixed list ? I don't think spanish names, chinese or indian names are recognized, at least I created some notes with  a single name in each language and only the notes with english names are selected by "contains:person"

I can't find anywhere in the documentation what constitutes a "person name" for evernote, has it been discussed anywhere? 

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Hi.  Are you looking to locate specific names,  or all notes containing any name?  In the first case I would have thought it quicker to search for exact matches,  and in the second case I agree that while the definition of this term suggests you can find all names,  it's difficult to understand how nicknames / contractions / single words (i.e. first or last names) / full names / misspellings would be dragged in.

I've not seen any previous discussion on this - if you need more,  I suggest a support ticket.

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Are you looking to locate specific names,  or all notes containing any name?

All notes containing any "person name".


The use case is that that I want to search for all notes containing "aws cloudtrail" (I have lots of them)  and want to narrow it down to the note that contains the name of a support engineer that I don't remember (or even I probably couldn't spell it even if I remembered it). I'll try the support ticket route. 



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It was not discussed here up to my knowledge what defines a „Persons“ Name that search will recognize. 

Maybe it is related to business card scanning, where the name of a person is taken from a card picture and placed into a field.

Maybe (but absolutely not sure) it recognizes names from email headers that were send into EN.

These are the 2 cases where EN may know that a text string means a persons name. But as above I am not sure if this is the case together with the Contains - Parameter.

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Evernote support answered saying 

I confirm, that currently we employ a limited dictionary of names so far that will come up when applying the filter contains: person. This advanced search filter has just been introduced and at the first stage it is more of proof of concept at the initial implementation. The support for more international names will be added soon.

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Thanks for getting to support for a deeper drill, and for posting the answer.

Now asking EN: WTF is a „limited dictionary of names“ ? „Smith, Miller and Brown“, we will add more names later ? We loaded the phone book of Little Town, Fly-over-county, and will later add NYC and LA ? 

I love it when developers make „proof of concept“ and forget to remove it before release date …

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