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23 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Contact support … we have discussed it in the forum. For me there is no pattern why it works for some (like me), but not for other users. Weird one !

I contacted them a couple of days ago and quickly got a response that they know about the issue and are working on it. Thanks for  the suggestion!

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Hello, I have had this problem often. Every time I go to scan something using scannable, I get the introduction, I also get the invitation to sign in. Wouldn't be a problem other than I have two factor authentication turned on, which means I have to go to my authenticator app. Adds one to 2 minutes every time I need to sign into scannable. By that time normally I have missed the opportunity to scan things. 

Please advise if this is a cookie thing, or if I need to have some kind of app analytics turned on.

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