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(Archived) Size of synchronized database files are different

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I am currently running Evernote on both my desktop and laptop machines and keeping my Evernote files sync'ed between the two over the web.

Last night I noticed that the size of my database on the desktop was 98 Megabytes. I compared this to the same database file on my laptop where the database file was only 54 Megabytes in size. The synchronization of the two databases is current - they both show the same number of records, the entries all appear to be the same as I scroll through them. There are no "Conflicting Changes" in either of the databases.

Does anyone know why the two file sizes would be so different? I guess I am concerned since the database file on the desktop is getting dangerously close to the 100 Megabyte limit of the beta test. What can I do to get the two back to the same size - hopefully to the smaller size?

Also does this seem to be a reasonable size for a database of 139 notes - most of which are clips of complete web site pages, maybe a half dozen scanned business cards and a bunch of text notes? I realize that is going to vary depending on the exact content and size of the notes, but I ask because my original database from version Evernote 2.2.1 (that was imported into Evernote version 3) has 110 notes (29 notes have been added to the version 3 database) is only 6.4 Megabytes in size. Did version 2.2.1 do some sort of compression that is not available in version 3?

Thanks - Greg

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