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Applescript to open specific notebook



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When EN switched to the Electron framework, I checked in the internet out of pure curiosity other apps based on the same platform. None was telling there was a scripting capability (which does not say there wasn’t one, just it was nowhere communicated).

 I think the lack of scripting is permanent - but this without any deeper knowledge, just my 5ct …

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On 11/17/2021 at 9:56 AM, PhilJG said:

Hello everyone, I am completely new to Applescript and I have a question: Can anyone provide me with a few lines of code that tell Evernote to open a specific notebook. Your help would be appreciated very much. Many thanks!  

Why not just just make a shortcut to the notebook and add it to say the top of the shortcut list? You can then access it directly with ctrl-1 (on Windows - you will need to look up the equivalent on Mac). The first 9 shortcuts can be accessed in this way.

If this request is part of some bigger project then my suggestion is probably not relevant!

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