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Odd Evernote app window behavior on my laptop...won't stay minimized



Hello - recently I began to notice an odd behavior with the Evernote app on my laptop w/Windows 10 Pro v21H1, with the latest version of Evernote installed:

10.25.6-win-ddl-public (3073)
Editor: v135.2.17285
Service: v1.42.2

The issue is that, periodically,  while the app is open, but minimized in my task bar while I am working on something else, the app window will pop open to force itself to be the active app - front and center. So, I'll minimize the window again OR I'll click on back to the app I was working in to try and continue my work. Here comes the Evernote app window again. Front and center, popping up from the taskbar on its own...

This behavior is becoming super annoying. The only thing that will stop the issue while it's occurring is for me to quit the app. That's not ideal of course because I use the it regularly so I want to have it open in the background while I'm working. 

Any ideas?




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My first and second options for interface issues like this are:

1. File | Sign Out |  Remove data | Log back in - This resolves many issues of this sort.

2. If that doesn't work then the more radical approach of a complete uninstall including a complete deletion of the data and program directories is usually enough. Uninstall using a program like Revo Uninstaller and ensure all associated data is deleted or check that %AppData%\Evernote is deleted as well as
%LocalAppData\Programs\Evernote   Then reinstall.

In both options your local note data is rebuilt. In the second option you will have to retweak any personal preferences that you may have chosen - mostly column widths and information you want to include or not in the sidebar.

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