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Based on the release notes, you can now edit encrypted text.  This is the problem I am facing right now  I have a note that is encrypted.  Once I type the phrase, the phrase is displayed and I lose all the encrypted text.  This has happened on 2 of my encrypted notes and those were very important since it had user ids and passwords to different websites and other very sensitive information.  Is there a backup feature for Evernote, since what had happened is very hard to re-create.  I am now hesitant to open any of my other encrypted notes.  Please advise and thank you,

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1) There is note history running for all accounts - Free as well.

2) Access to note history is a subscription feature. With access (desktop or web client, 3 dots, note information, note history) you can go back to an older version, or create a copy of that older version.
If you are no subscriber, you can get Personal for a month, and unlock note history even for older notes.

3) Don’t store things like passwords in EN. Get and use a password manager for this type of information.

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