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Please bring back the old card view



Being able to glance throw my notes in card view was one of my favorite Evernote features. I store a lot of photos and video reference, and use to be able to scroll through them looking for inspiration, without knowing exactly what I was looking for. With version 10 I can't hide the note panel at the right of the card view column, limiting how many cards I can see at once. It's also annoying because I have to resize the columns every time. I don't know why they change it, but the card view in the legacy version is way more useful. 

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I agree.  I mostly use it for photo inspo for renovations and for the Say Mmm + Evernote connection for viewing recipes.  Don't like the new view.  There was nothing wrong with the old view.  If it's not broken, please don't "fix" it.

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There was no "fixing". 100% of v10 has been coded new, every view among all the rest as well.

So take the current views as a starting point, nobody can set anything "back". Changes need to be coded fresh.

To contact EN about it, you can issue a support ticket.


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