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Please restore ability to edit PDFs within Evernote



I directly scan my paperwork into Evernote.  Sometimes there is a blank page showing or a page needs to be rotated to be read correctly.  I used to be able to do this within seconds in Evernote.  In v10, I have to open the file, edit it outside of Evernote, save it as a new note and then delete the old note.  So making a simple correction has gone from something that took less than a minute and added value to Evernote, to a task that takes several minutes, gives more chance for error (duplicate notes, deleting the wrong note, etc) and leaves me feeling frustrated with Evernote.  I understand that Evernote is not a PDF editor; however, because I am mainly using it to manage my scanned paperwork, it is a huge benefit to be able to make simple changes to the notes rather than creating a time consuming outside process.

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As I already commented (Mac only): Click on the pdf attachment, choose „Open“. It opens directly (without any further ado) the Macs Preview app.

Turning or deleting pages is in the page preview side bar (as it was in the internal pdf editor on legacy). Click, click, and now close the window. Either by cmd-W, or by a click on the red window button. The changes automatically save into the EN attachment, and you are back in the EN note.

I have compared it to the legacy process, and I see absolutely no difference. The big pro: Mac Preview has pdf editing abilities legacy users could only have dreamed of.

Disclaimer: Sorry, Windows fellows …

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