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Can’t connect to my account

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Hi, I write absolutely everything on Evernote, from the least important thing, to the things that matter the most to me. However, Everonte decided it’s time to change my password, so they tell me they "sent" an e-mail to me, in order for me to make up a new password… except I don’t receive anything. And I’m a 100% sure I’m using the right address, since it’s the exact same one I’m using in order to connect to my account as the username in the first place.

Thank you in advance for your help, and before you ask, I was able to connect to a new random account in order to discuss this issue with you here, so I still can’t connect to my real account!

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I don’t get it… What are these steps? When I go in the apps settings, this is what I get: "Help & Learning / Send Activity Log / Enable Menu to Send Note Logs / Automatically send crash reports", where am I supposed to go?

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Before I answer your question, one other thing: Currently there is a phishing-attack ongoing against EN users. If you were asked to change your password by an e-mail, it is very likely it did not come from EN, it may have come from criminals who try to capture your account.

Don‘t use ANY link provided with an email - only use login data on the EN website itself.

This is what I see when I open the EN iOS app, go to settings, then tab support. If you don’t see the last item „Issue support ticket“, you are probably on a Free Account, that does not have access to support.



In this case use the link posted above, and choose Account as ticket type. I hope it works, it did for me on my (second) Free Account.


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Okay, thank you so much for telling me, but no worries, I’m only asked that on the official website. So, if I understand correctly, since I do have a free account indeed, I can go to hell… Great! So basically, I didn’t ask for anything and EN made it so I’m forced to pay if I just want to get my free account back… That’s genius!

Yes, I’m definitely being sarcastic, but it’s not hostile, no worries, you’ve been really helpful, thank you so much for that, I’m really grateful! :);)

So, I just sent another e-mail, as you suggested, if it doesn’t work, I’ll probably have to pay, but that would really upset me since I don’t need more than a free account… Do you keep all the information you have when you switch from a free to a premium account?

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The information stays on, from Free to subscription and back. You only will have a problem to change notes created on subscription, if they are larger than 25MB. This is because the EN note size limit is different for Free (25MB) and subscriptions (200 MB). When a note is above 25 MB, you can open and read it, but not change it.

You can still try the link I have posted some cycles above. When the tickets starts, you are asked for the ticket type. Choose Account. It worked for me on my second, Free Account, so I think it should work for you as well.

About the restriction with support access:Real people cost real money. And since EN can’t monetarize on Free accounts, they need to keep Free users on a level they can handle with algorithms instead of people. Maybe not too nice to Free users, but you can’t really expect more from a free service

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