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Note editing lag on Android

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Good evening everyone,

Long time user, first time poster.

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8+(SM-G9550) with Evernote version 8.13.3,  which whilst it is 4 years old, still performs everything I ask of it quite well.

In the past 2 weeks, it appears that when I try to edit a note (by pressing the pen button in the bottom right corner of the screen) For notes that are 500words or greater, there is considerable delay before I am able to enter or edit anything. (for notes that are 3000+, this can take approximately 30+seconds)

To be clear, the keyboard appears instantaneously, however the formatting bar (Bold/Italics/Underline etc) takes time to appear, only once this bar appears can I edit a note.

The problem doesn't occur if I'm starting a new note. For what it's worth, I'm running evernote on Windows (evernote version and on an old Ipad Air2(evernote version 10.18)

Have really enjoyed using Evernote over the years, especially being able to edit notes on my phone when I didn't have my Ipad or Laptop with me. However the current "lag" issues have made editing notes on my phone near impossible for dynamic situations.

Would anyone be able to explain or solve this issue for me?

Kind regards


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15 hours ago, chastee said:

Would anyone be able to explain or solve this issue for me?

Hi.  I also use Evernote on a Samsung - S7 in my case.  Haven't noticed any slow downs.  Usually the best advice for mobile issues is to make sure your notes have synced,  then uninstall the app,  restart the device,  and reinstall.  As a general issue,  since notes are updated by download from the server when you edit,  it's better to use shorter notes and link them together with titles or tags as necessary.

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Hi there,

I followed your advice to sync, uninstall, restart and reinstall. Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. I don't believe this is to do with downloading notes from the server, as evernote is still very fast at loading the notes to read. It is when one decides to "edit" the note, does the lag occur.

If anyone has any other performance improvement ideas I would be more than welcome to try it. 

Is this issue somewhat related to my subscription level?

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4 hours ago, chastee said:

 Is this issue somewhat related to my subscription level?

No, there is no speed limitation based on whether you pay our not.

Since we're talking about the v8 version of the Android app and it isn't an issue previously reported I'd be looking at something that has changed locally. Perhaps your device storage has reduced with use so that you no longer have sufficient free space to edit larger notes. This is a guess/illustrative suggestion. You say your device is older so free memory/ storage could easily have been consumed by added apps, abandoned files. What about temporarily installing an app such as CCleaner to tidy up the device? Then uninstall CCleaner. Alternatively wipe the phone and start afresh - but that's more hassle than Is want to take 😉

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