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Export and bulk backup to multiple formats



Hey Evernote team,

I'm a long-time paying subscriber and I like your product a lot (despite all the criticisms, you've built and grown a great app).

My one grip is that I cannot export and backup my notebooks and notes into permanent, durable, open formats like TXT, MD, RTF, or PDF files - having only your proprietary ENEX format and HTML isn't enough (for Macs).  This seems like an easy problem to fix - can you add this to your roadmap?  Also, I should be able to backup my entire account and multiple notebooks - right now I can only back up single notebooks, which is frustrating and time-consuming.

I really want to stay with you all for a long time - however the irony of not allowing me to export and save durable data in open file formats may actually cause me to leave.

Thanks for listening - ignore the noise from random web critics and please pay attention to what your paying customers want.


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You don’t say to which end you want to export.

Export to export ?

Export to backup ?

The HTML format is the one to pick, when you want an open export format. The notes text is exported in HTML, which is universally readable by all browsers, the attachments are saved in their original format.

For a plain backup, just run TimeMachine on the Mac. It will backup the EN folder, and you can restore from it. In this case you need the EN client to open the backup.

About the multinotebook request, talk to EN support, or send them a feedback through the client. The forum is user2user.

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