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Reactivating an account w/ one day old expired subscription

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All the instructions on your website does not explain further if the account has a subscription thats been expired. It does not give us the option to activate it says contact admin I have no idea what that means??

My boss Has been using this app for years and I've never experienced so much chaos in trying to upgrade this from personal to business/teams (hoping that it would make things better).. it has only caused more issues. It's literally been 30 days exactly since I changed this over to a business account for the rest of me and the team at work (it's literally just the four of us). 

This morning I was interrupted on my day off, from my colleagues that nobody could access the account with all of our 2000 IMPORTANT notes and information in it. They have spent all day trying to figure out the issue and it's caused a serious problem for workflow. We are a branch of a mortgage company and we use these notes every single day probably all day to keep track of all leads (contact info, tracking of contact, ref agent) that we talk to. I can't even use this discussion place for the actual account we use because I cannot log into it at all. Help would be great considering there's no freaking number we can contact for help whatsoever. This is ridiculous, especially since we've been paying for the premium. Message me ASAP! 

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15 hours ago, whendricks@ihmcloans.com said:

Message me ASAP! 

Hi.  You seem to have leapt into converting to a Teams account without fully understanding what was involved.  You may also be in breach of your local data protection laws if you keep customer information in your database.  To reactivate your boss's account try one of these - 

"Contact Admin" means https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

And to get some help on the Teams account CustomerSuccess@evernote.com

A Teams 'group' account is created in the name of the company and everyone - including the boss - gets their own individual account for daily use.  The deactivated account may have been set that way because new accounts were created - you'd have to sort that out with Evernote.  (That's not us - we're mainly other users around here.)

Neither of us do house calls.  This is a public forum,  so you may want to delete your email address to avoid spam.


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OK, first things first: 

Get a subscription working !

Once it does, contact support:

You can use the support link right away, but then make sure you use „Billing“ or „Account“ as ticket type.
About the general issue: Setting up a Teams account and migrating old Personal accounts is nothing that should be done between lunch and coffee break. If you don’t know how to handle this yourself, get a professional to help you with it:
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3 minutes ago, whendricks@ihmcloans.com said:

Look I just want the notes back. This is unreal a MONTHS worth of very important notes and information we need for our clients. This is incredible detrimental to our work. I just want the information back.

Hi again - as I said, we're not Evernote,  just a bunch of experienced users who don't have access to payments or passwords.  You need to talk to the company.  I flagged your post for a Forum Admin (an Evernote employee) to take a look and see whether they can help.

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Hi, I have the same problem as Lauh.

My team admin account has been disabled.

And with it all users fell.

Nobody gets access like notes, payment data and customer information.

We are totally lost.

We work with accommodation via Airbnb, reservations and VRBO.

Many customers have paid a part and the amount and how much is left for him to pay was stored in the accounts that were deactivated.

It's a nightmare.

I already contacted support 2 days ago and still haven't got back.

We can't lose as notes.

And we need the system to organize the work flow.


Can you help me? @ShaneD

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