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Same Device Readded Multiple Times in Sync



This is the second month in a row where I have been locked out of my account for more than two devices.

The only devices I am using Evernotes on is my Windows 10 PC and my iPhone 12.

Then randomly when I go to use evernote on my phone it will popup saying I have more than two devices and I need to un-sync or logout.

I will un-sync and then again it will popup again in a day or a few days and it will show iPhone more than once in my sync list where it wants me to select which devices I want to use out of the two.

I have no idea how this is happening, nothing is changing.  I am not uninstalling or reinstalling the app, I am not clearing and cache or data. I have all those features turned off for the app.

The only thing I can figure is the VPN I use on my phone (ExpressVPN) but that doesn't ever effect the Windows PC, only the iphone. There is never more than one PC in the sync list but 2-3 iphones.

Its already the beginning of the month and I am already locked out of my account because of this error happening.

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It probably is related to the use of the VPN.

You can check when going into account, access history. It lists the IP and the region where it is located. When your home region shows, it is your own connection, when another shows, it should correspond with the location where the VPN server has its landline.

You could try to ask support about it. I am not sure it works, but maybe you get through when using "Account" as ticket type.

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