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Please stop "improving"

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I am a big fan of Evernote for almost 13 years. I promoted Evernote to many people.

I am a simple guy, just use Evernote the way I used it 13 years ago. For me, all the "improvements" make it more and more annoying to use. I can not say there is a big issue, but its more like 100 small ones. If you keep "improving" I am afraid that I have to go find another elephants brain....

Please keep it simpel.

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We all want and demand improvements. I suspect that you are really saying that you don't want your workflow to be affected. The way things are done has, sadly, to change. This is new software in a new framework and it isn't possible to make the changes needed without some change in the way things function. Many functions have returned in response to user requests/demands (and I expect more will) . The Input Folder stuff is a good example. But it isn't quite the same as the old Input Folders that the Legacy version in Windows only offered. Now it is an improvement that Mac users have gained. But we've all lost the automatic removal of the imported file from the folder.  I hear that is also being worked on but, in the meantime, I have a small batch file that does the necessary stuff for me.

I doubt that any of our workflows will be the same with Evernote in the future. Either we have to adjust or move on somewhere else. But that will be the same thing. No other note taking package works the way Evernote legacy does either. So stay or go, it will just mean adjusted workflows to become used to.

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I guess we can all think of things we used to use that were simple, easy and reliable and then something changed and made life a little more complicated. The quill, the fountain pen, the biro and note taking tablets. If you businesses stand still they get overtaken and eventually disappear. Who remembers Word Perfect, Locoscript or the Psion 5?  When Evernote started Roam, Notion, Bear didn't exist. Evernote has to improve if it is to survive and to be fair many of the improvements that we are now seeing have been demanded by Evernote users themselves. At the end of the day there's always the biro and the notebook.

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