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Tasks: Links should hyperlink text and not be full URL



As of today (11/4/21) you can add a link to a task, but only has a full URL link. This is very unwieldy, it would be much better to make the link a hyperlink of text.


https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/304-general-feature-requests/?do=add is what is for this thread link if I add it to a task, when it should be hyperlinked like this

what it looks like inside a note:



* I did submit a support ticket about this and got the "thanks for letting us know maybe we will had it to the roadmap" reply

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It should definitely be an option. It's disappointing that neither the insert hyperlink (ctrl-K)  option or the markdown equivalent [title](https://www.example.com) work within a task while they both work within the body of the the note.

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