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Unable to scroll left in table cause the note closes

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Since the introduction of the, in my opinion useless feature of, swiping right to close a note, I am unable to scroll left in a table in a note. The note automatically closes itself when you try to scroll left in a table since it's registered as a swiping right (close note) movement.

I already opened a ticket months ago and made 2 suggestions via a ticket, but no feedback so far.

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You can still get this problem also with 10.20 if you are using a bigger screen device, e.g. a tablet. To prevent the swipe-to-return feature when horizontally scrolling in tables on a tablet you can switch the note to full-screen view (collapsing the left menu). In full screen mode horizontally scrolling through tables works fine (for me). Smartphone screen devices: no problems since 10.20 indeed. 

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