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Unable to resolve a conflict on Android phone when duplicates were deleted on PC

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I did not realize I had hit a check box on a note, on my phone, and did not sync it.

I modified the note on my PC. Then of course I got a conflict on the phone.

On the PC, it then showed 3 copies of the note, the one I was editing (I hate the auto sync on PCs! I really do) and 2 others. So I deleted (on the PC) the two duplicates.

That is when I got back on the PC and saw that there was a conflict. But on the phone, now, I cannot resolve it. when I select the note I get the note conflict popup. If I hit View the original note I get a Note Edit Error popup. I hit ok on that and I am back to the Note conflict. I hit the x on that and now I have a banner across the bottom with


that I cannot get rid of.

I ended up copying the content to a new note and moving the old one to trash.

It is a good thing I had my PC handy because that is a pain to do on the phone.

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