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Is it possible to edit Evernote's CSS in the desktop program?

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There are parts of the Evernote design I don't like and would like to edit.
I already have knowledge of the css I need to do this, but I'm not sure if it's possible to do.

Do anyone know if it's possible to edit the css my desktop program uses? I only mean for myself of course, and not an official change.

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Updates overwriting my changes I can live with. I'm just curious if it's somehow possible. I could in theory press F12 every time I open the program and make a javascript script to fix the things I don't like, but that's too much work. I'd like a solution that directly affects files.

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Hi Dr. Dark,

I had some success overriding CSS, using `asar` to unpack the app (you can install it with `npm install -g asar`), and then "messing" with the CSS files under `ce`. You can find some good tips on how to do this in the article mentioned below. The author is after Skype, but the tricks he mentions work just as well with Evernote. The simple thing I did was to reduce the size of the font they use for `code`, which to me looks just disproportionately large compared to the size of regular text.


Good luck!


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