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9 months of penultimate notes lost

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Been using Penultimate for since many years. Just changed iPad and before doing so I synchronized my Penultimate app. 
‘but now when I app again I had from start 2 weeks of lost notes and now when I synchronized it seams that I lost the last 9 months of notebooks!

Can someone advise how get back this from the back up?




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You don’t really describe what went on.

1) How did you backup your iPad before switching to the new one? ICloud, local backup on a Mac or PC ( not sure if PC is still an option) ?

2) How was the new iPad started - as a new device, or set up from the backup, or set up device to device ?

3) Do you still have the old iPad ? Was it erased, or does it still exist as before ?

4) On which EN Plan are you ?

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