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(Archived) Emailing ToDo items

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Is there a strait-forward way to email a ToDo item into a notebook?

I have found that I can copy and paste the todo character from Evernote (Mac client) into my email client (Mail.app) and set the appropriate @notebook and #tags:


Copied Todo item from Evernote.app


Pasted Todo item in mail.app

While this method works it is a bit cumbersome. If there is a strait-forward way to include a todo item in an emailed note into a notebook then I can tell my wife to email me todos (the wisdom of making it easier for her to request things of me is fodder for a different post). If not then either I need to make her a Todo email template or get her using Evernote and share a notebook with her. Both are ok options, however, it would be cool if something like this were possible:





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