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(Archived) Discrepancies Are Keeping Me From Subscribing

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I'm a long-time on-again / off-again user of Evernote. I really like the service for the most part, but there a few frustrations that are keeping me from using it daily - and furthermore are keeping from being a paid subscriber. I really respect what the service is trying to accomplish and I'm a firm believer of paying for services that I regularly use.

What I am referring to is the discrepancies between the various apps that Evernote has. First off, I just download and checked out the Windows application and it is an enormous improvement over the last version. I finally thought that this was the perfect implementation for that platform. The frustration then is the way the web version and iOS versions treat note editing.

The web editor supports rich text, but the formatting is impossible sometimes to work with. Hard returns are treated so strangely that it is often too frustrating to use.

Furthermore, the iPad app only supports plain text. I can live with that. However, the web and Windows versions do not allow plain text options for new notes, so I must always go through the steps of converting back to text on the iPad only to have really strange formatting that looks nothing like the original note. If I were given the choice to use plain text when creating a note - I would do so for many notes.

I hope you can address these issues at some point. I really do like the service, but sadly I find myself using Google Docs more each day. The fact that you have dedicated apps for every platform is a killer feature that I think can ultimately put you ahead of the game.

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Thanks for the feedback. If you search for "rich text" on the iPhone forum here, you'll see that this is something we'd love to see, but the operating system doesn't give it to us "for free." So we're investigating options, but it looks like we'd basically need to build a full HTML rich text editor from scratch, which isn't a small amount of work.

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