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EN, please allow me to use your free version until you fix the payment issue



EN, what is going on?

You have pointed out that issues with subscriptions from India. Agreed. BUT, why can't you allow me to use the free version until you fix the technical problem?


I have no other device in sync. This is a kind of torturing. At lease please respond to the support mail. This is unacceptable.

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If you have no other device, it may be your account was accessed by another person. This could explain the unsyncs you are not aware of.


You can try to get to your account on a web browser, at Evernote.com. Check the access history.

You can reach support here, use „account“ or „billing“ as ticket type:

If everything fails, try support as a guest, or via twitter:

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If it only shows your own access, everything is ok. To get your access unlocked, you need to go through support.

It can take a little, they work US office hours, and now are on their weekend. So maybe it takes until your Tuesday for a reaction.

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