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Tasks Attaching to Unrelated Notes

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I have added a few tasks that are not related to any notes. However, those tasks will attach to the first note in the tasks by note list, giving the impression they are related to the note. If you open the note the tasks are not there. They only appear as part of the note when viewing the tasks list. Is there a way to enter a task without it automatically attaching itself to a note in the tasks list?

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I have figured this out. I went into the task and changed the note it’s attached to, to Things to Do, and the previous note it attached to dropped off. I also changed the default note to Things to do and any task I enter now, not related to a particular note, attaches to that. So I can have tasks attach to Things to Do, and if I want to attach to a different note later, I can change it. It’s like notes falling into the inbox and then change to a notebook at a later time. 

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