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Links in Tasks



I just read about the new feature to insert clickable links within a task. 

However, after testing it appears to only wirk for external links.

Internal links to other evernote notes do not work, neither App-Links nor web-links.

Did I miss something? I tested on Evernote Web.

If this is the case I think it is important to communicate more clearly  by distinguishing between internal and external links, dear Evernote team!


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Yes - this is very confusing.
The latest Windows version (10.28.3) Release Notes says you can now "click a link in a task to open a note in Evernote." (my emphasis)
There doesn't seem to be an example of how this workflow is meant to operate. As you say, links in tasks only appear to operate on local files and web addresses; it doesn't obviously appear that you can link to a note from the task directly - unless you open the task and click on the note that's linked within the task. The description of the functionality deems misleading.

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There is an improvement with the new version:

Create a note link, either app link or Weblink. Insert the link in any task. Then, it is possible to activate the link and to jump into the linked note directly from the task. I think that is a step forward.

The only drawback to my point of view is that the link appear as is and it is not possible to abbreviate it by writing a text description to the link. This can be nicely done with links within a note.

Also, the links cannot be activated up to now from IOS.

So, some room for improvement...



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