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Images disappearing from notes



Images keep disappearing from my notes. Using the evernote web app in Chrome (using latest up to date windows on a surface pro), if I right click an image from another Chrome window and 'copy/paste' that image into a note, it appears to works just fine.  Days later when I revisit a note, the image is gone and in it's place is a grey box saying 'untitled attachment'.  The grey box can be clicked and there is an option to 'download' but nothing happens and no images are downloadable.  Frequently, this will take days to happen and I will have accessed the same note numerous times via the Chrome web app and via the app on my iPhone 12 (latest IOS and latest Evernote app) multiple times and the image shows up fine.  Than one days, it's gone.  I noticed the issue in the past month but this appears to be affecting all notes and not just notes created recently.  I've gone back to notes made months ago only to find images are gone and replaced with the 'untitled attachment' grey box.

I use evernote extensively for image collection and if this bug isn't fixed it will no longer serve my needs.   

Please address this issue or provide an update.

Screenshot 2021-10-27 105803.png

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Active support is for subscribers only. If you are a subscriber we can tell you how, but not if you are on a Free account.

The issue with HEIC is that the format is mainly used by Apple - although it is officially standardized and should be supported by other companies as well. You can control whether the iPhone camera saves HEIC or JPEG when you go to iOS settings, Camera, Format and choose High Efficiency for HEIC or Maximum Compatibility for JPEG.

For existing photos AFAIK you can only download them and run them through a converter to make JPEG out of HEIC. Since JPEG is the much older, technically outdated format you will loose a lot of picture information when doing so. One example is the depth information that with HEIC will allow to move the focus later, and blur the background by software. This is not possible with a JPEG. Another big issue with JPEG is that the picture quality degrades every time a picture is saved again. Plus it has a tendency to artifacts and banding. So if you want top quality pictures, but not using RAW, HEIC is really the much better solution.

On Apple devices the OS will „lend“ the HEIC compatibility to other apps. On devices where the OS does not do this, the HEIC will show as unsupported. Maybe it is possible to use a HEIC/JPEG plug-in instead. I have no need for it, I am running only on Apple devices.

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