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Embedded images not showing up



For over a year I’ve been writing a daily journal entry in iOS Notes on my iPad and exporting it to Evernote. It’s been working great; the handwritten text ends up as an embedded image inside the Evernote note, as best as I can tell.

I was reviewing those notes today and noticed that starting for notes written on 8/20/21 and for every note that was exported from iOS notes after, although I can see the image in the preview in the left pane of Evernote (inside every Evernote app I have - Desktop, iPhone, iPad, all the same) - I can’t see the actual handwritten text inside the note for any note after that date, but I can see it in the preview, so the image must be there somewhere!

I’ve confirmed this happens whether I export the note from within my iPad or my iPhone, so it doesn’t seem to be isolated to the iPad, for what it’s worth.


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