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Web clipper MAS 7.15.0 greyed out in Safari 15.1 macOS Monterey

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Checked on my Mac (BigSur 11.6.1, Safari 15) whether there are any settings, for example for privacy. Have found none.

It happened to me in the past that on a few websites the clipper refused to work. Sometimes it was fixed by restarting the browser, sometimes by emptying the cache for this website, sometimes the site blocked clipping - but these were rare occasions on specific sites, normally it just works.

It was mentioned that using the „WOT web of trust“ extension can disable other browser extensions. Not sure if this happens on Safari as well, WOT is a Google thing.

If you use this or other extensions, you could try to disable them one by one and see if any is blocking the clipper.

Last resort: Ask support.

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I posted my setup above.

If updating to Monterey and the newest Safari browser version kills the web clipper, it seems that something needs to be sorted out.

Does web clipper work with Monterey on other browsers, like FF or Chrome ?

P.S. The early bird sometimes meet the cat ...

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Then maybe it is an issue again with Apple updating. I remember that WebClipper stopped working on Safari when „13“ was released. It did not come back for 6 weeks.

This is one reason I stick with BigSur - probably until 12.1 launches and got some positive reviews. Safari 15 is not to be blamed, I run it, and web clipper runs fine.

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