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How to download all PDF's attached to my notes




I already elected to download ALL of my notebooks to my IOS devices and this works.  Except that if a PDF is attached to a note, I first have to download it to see it.  This is a pain.  I'm often out and about and don't want to use cellular data to download large files... especially when the connection is lousy. I also don't want to go over the data limit of my cellular plan. Often there is no cellular service where I'm at.  

My IOS devices have the max amount of memory and should be able to handle all the PDF attachments I have.  I need all of my notes as I see them when I'm using my Mac at home. I can't predict all the PDF's I'll be using when I'm off the grid.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help on this.

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My notebooks are set to download for offline use on my iOS devices as well - for the same reason you posted.

All pdfs are available offline, not problem. 

I can only imagine that your download is not yet complete if the pdfs are still missing.

If you go in the EN app to settings, notebooks, offline notebooks are there grey or green-grey bars shown below the notebook names ? If yes, the download is not complete.

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@PinkElephantIn the Offline Notebooks settings, almost all the bars are partially green and partially grey.  It's always been like that.  All the slide buttons are green. "Download all notebooks" is checked.  A few notebooks which have content are all grey.  I have one notebook, which has a single short note in it so far, that was created in 2019 shows all grey.  

Not sure why this PDF problem is happening, but it's rather bothersome.


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The download can take a lot of time - in my case it took 3 days with the procedure I will describe in a second to download appr. 25GB of content. The reason for that is that iOS does not allow apps to download massive amounts of data in the background. To conserve battery charge, it disconnects the download a short time after an app is pushed back from being active.

To fully download do this:

  1. Go into iOS settings, display & brightness, and set the autolockscreen to NEVER.
  2. Put the iOS device to a charger
  3. Make EN the active app, running in the foreground, and now keep it that way. You can work in EN, but don't switch to other apps. I usually run this procedure by putting the iOS device on the charger during the night, when I don't use it anyhow.
  4. To reduce the energy consumption, reduce the screen brightness in the control center to lowest.

And now let the download run, run, run ... you can interrupt the procedure any time, and repeat it the following night until it is done. It is done when all bars have disappeared, and the symbol for a downloaded notebook shows everywhere. The green bar will show when there is new content to be synced, but the syncing of new content will usually happen during normal use of the app.

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Hi again,

On my iPad I got it to work by deselecting the notebook from offline viewing and  discarding any downloaded notes. Then I selected the same notebook for downloading. This time the PDF’s were available even if I turned off WiFi.

The same procedure doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone.

Thanks for your kind help.

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If the download is completed, all attachments should be available.

The above procedure works on an iPhone as well. Any grey/green bar visible in the offline notebook view in the apps settings means the download has not yet completed.

If it is completed, and content is missing, contact support.

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