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App won't open since upgrading to 10.19

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Android 11 on Pixel 5a. Ever since last update, the app hangs on opening and never gets anywhere. Forcing stop or restarting phone is of no use.

Is there an APK of previous version I can side load?

ETA: found and installed 10.18 and that works. 10.19 does not.

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@lynnorWhen I got 10.19 on my two Android devices the first startup lasted around 1 minute (splash screen with Evernote logo if I remember correctly but saying nothing). I also thought it was hanging. No idea, what was going on there, maybe some database work... but without any notification: bad UX again! I made some coffee 😉 and after a while the home screen fired up. After that, every other app start with 10.19 was "normal" (that is waiting the well known 5-10 seconds to fire up when cold started). Same experience on both (different) Androids. Did you give 10.19 a couple of minutes to fire up?

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With some releases there are database modifications, probably to speed things up. When this happens, it takes longer, sometimes much longer.

Usually they show a notification, like "Updating your database - please wait". But it happens they don't advise, which in fact is bad user orientation.

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