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Feature Request - Simple Aliases/Variables



I would really love it if Evernote provided a way for me to map my own re-usable variables or aliases for a given notebook. So for example if I had something like:


$1991_Gryffindor_Seeker = Harry Potter

$1991_Gryffindor_Beater1 = Fred Weasley


Then, in any note where I type '$1991_Gryffindor_Seeker', it would automatically replace that text with 'Harry Potter'. Updating the value of the $1991_Gryffindor_Seeker variable on the mapping screen would then automatically replace the text in all notes containing that specific variable.

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The EN editor is build around an HTML page format, pretty close to a classical web page.

This proposal would better fit to a database driven CMS, where building blocks for the page are arranged by the CMS. In a database it is much simpler to link elements together.

Feature requests that only serve a minute fraction of all users have only a theoretical change to be implemented.

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