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scannable forgets the evernote account very often

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On 10/19/2021 at 3:12 PM, Andreas45 said:

What can I do that scannable doesn't forget the account data to evernote? I'm using iPhone 12.



Does the main Evernote app on your iPhone "remember" you?

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Same issue with my scannable on the iPhone…. Evernote itself works fine. I‘ve had the same problems a few months ago, but after a while, everything was working again (I didn‘t change anything) But now the problems are back 😞 I‘m hoping, that the problems will be fixed soon, because it‘s annoying 



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just an short update: at first it seemed, everything was ok. Scannable worked fine … but only for three days 😞 Then, my account settings were reset again🤢

There must be another reason why the connection is so unstable, because this time Scannable was listed only 1 time in the devices list. 

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Have been having the same issues lately as well. Annoying to have to setup almost every time I go to use the app. I also have 2 factor authentication setup for EN so I have to also wait for the code to come through as an added setup step. Does anyone know if there is another scanning app that feeds to EN as well as Scannable does?  

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Scanner Pro by readdle does, even better than Scannable.

Scan quality is better, it has its own OCR and by defining workflows you can send scans into specific notebooks, already tagged with standard tags. With less than 10 workflows (Receipt, tax, devices, job, ...) I cover 80% of my scanning jobs.

Down side: It is not free.

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It depends ….

If you need a pdf - no, the build in scanner does picture files. And it is one file per page, placed all in one note. To grab an invoice, a letter or a recipe it is more than sufficient for the job. OCR on a subscription account is done as well, and being a picture file it will OCR handwriting as well.

Scannable may be better for one pdf file out of a complete scan - but then there are other scanners I like better. For me Scannable is this in between solution, maybe better than some basic ones, but not as good as others. If you look at the release history, you see years of relative neglect. In the same time other apps were seriously overhauled, taking them far ahead of Scannable.

Maybe I am biased in my view - somebody could explain to me why among all scanning apps Scannable should be the way to go ?! I only have it installed because from time to time there is a forum thread about it that requires a bit of testing.

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In the last few weeks, it seems to all of a sudden work for me. Scannable 2.4 (1529) is now remembering my Evernote account and even the default format and location of where to store the scanned files.

I didn't make any changes in either, the Evernote App nor the Scannable App. It just all of a sudden remembers those settings.

Hopefully it stays like this!

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Don't have the problem in general - I just remember I needed to log myself in again some months ago, and just once.

Do you use your email + password to log in, or "by Apple / Google" ?

If you use the email, log out of your account. Close Scannable. Restart the iPhone.

Then go to your EN account settings and revoke access for all Scannable entries that you find. There may be several. Close the account settings.

Open the Scannable app, log in.

Hope it sticks now.

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  • 10 months later...

Every so often, probably every update, the Scannable app randomly logs me out and erases EVERYTHING! All the recent files are gone permanently. This ha happened to me probably 20 times in 2 years, including today. 

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Scannable is really a dead app. Yes, still available, but undeveloped. I'm surprised that it is still available but see no evidence that it has been changed/developed for several years or that it has any support available.

At a guess, I'd say that something changed in the OS at some point which has caused the issue.  But that's a guess. If it were me, and suffering the issues described, I'd find an alternative application and try something that is current.

My scanner has its own software which integrates well enought with Evernote.

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