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is there anyone having same problem with me when using evernote on chrome?


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It seems that note that I'm editing is duplicating itself without any reason. The note that previously existed is duplicating another note with same name when I edit, leaving itself unchanged. It really makes me hard to manage my notes.. all I want is final version of the note I created..

(sorry for korean image, but surely you can understand what the image is about.)

(as you can see, those 4 highlighted notes are duplicated within 1 hour)

I really need someone's help.. Thanks..😅


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Duplication happens when EN detects a change that does collide with another copy of the same note.

Hard to tell a reason without an analysis. Possibilities are:

A less than stable internet connection (when you check, Ping should be short, latency low and Package loss zero).

Avoid long text notes - if you have any, split them up into shorter ones.

Try an alternative browser, like Firefox 

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