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Bullet point formatting disappears when opening a note on the phone app

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I use bullet points and sub points a lot to structure notes as i create them in the browser. When i open the same note on the phone app, the formatting is gone. Even if I dont alter the note and open it again on the browser afterwards, still the formatting is gone. Please Fix!!

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Can't reproduce this issue:

I created a note with a "deep" bullet point structure in the web client. It showed indented, different bullets on each level, etc.

It shows perfectly the same both on my Mac in the desktop client, and on my iPhone (see screenshot).

IMHO there is nothing to fix, because nothing is broken.

Just a question: Do you use the new editor when using the web client ? It says at the bottom right of the browser window which client it is, and allows to switch between new and classical editor. In EN account setting the use of v10+ should be activated.


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