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Plus Button on Android Tablet

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I use Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus with Android 8.1.0. I have already installed Evernote in my device. After opening a new note, I am unable to create a table on the note because there is no Plus button on the Formatting bar, which is located at the bottom of my screen. I have reinstalled Evernote a few times, but it has not solved the issue. My mobile device Redmin9A operates with Android 10 and the Plus button is visible on the Evernote app that it has. How do I go about resolving this? I have been using Evernote for the last 6 years and this is the first time I'm considering switching to another note-making app. I hope this can get resolved because I ideally do not wish to switch to another app.

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I am not aware of the old Android apps - on iOS  the ability to add tables by the + button has arrived with v10 of the app.

EN Android v10 AFAIK does only support Android 10 and upwards.

On iOS in the old app existed the possibility to use a sort of markdown command to create a table. Maybe it needed to be activated in the apps settings. Typing this into a note would create a table of 3 columns and 4 rows:


To add a row at the end, you need a keyboard (soft or hard) with a tab key. Place the cursor in the last cell, type a tab, and a row is added. Beside this editing and formatting options for tables are very limited on the old mobile clients.

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