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Make deleting a saved search easier and more intuitive and the status of saved searches

Mike P


The process for deleting a saved search is to my mind overly complex and not intuitive.

Current process:

  • Find search
  • Run it
  • From the three dots menu press delete search

My expected process

  • Find search
  • right click and delete

If you are just deleteing one search it is not too bad but if you need to do delete a few searches the current process is very laborious.

I think this illustrates the rather nebulous status of saved searches in V10. They don't exist in the sidebar, they don't have their own pop out window and they only appear in a scroll down list. They seem to be no more important than a suggested search term or note. This seems inconsistent because all other user generated meta-data (e.g notebooks and tags) can be easily accessed and managed.

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That's a great point. I don't use saved searches much. The only one I use often is one I've kept as a shortcut, and in the shortcuts list in the sidebar it is indeed possible to right-click it and select delete. If I used them a lot, especially say for a specific project on a temporary basis, I can see where this would be a mess. FWIW, I'm not sure the issue is limited to v. 10. I have Android v. 8 on an older phone, and there too the only way to access a saved search is by running it; and I'm not sure there's any way to delete it at all.

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