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How to set a reminder in evernote v10 windows desktop?

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Maybe I'm having a senior moment but can't seem to find how to add a reminder to a note in v10.  I can do it easily in Legacy by going to the 3 dots in the upper right and "Reminder" is the first option.  Where is it on the v10 for windows desktop?

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Thanks for that advice.  The advice listed in that link is for windows 10.  I am using windows 7 and was not clear as to how to get to the "notifications".  The advice given for 10 does not seem applicable to 7.

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Just to mention it: Running Windows 7 on any computer connected to the internet is unsafe. There are known exploits infecting Win7 machines as „drive-by“, which means you can catch nasty malware by just visiting a website, without any user interaction.

By upgrading to Win10 you could solve this issue, plus getting notification control.

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Valid point. I currently run a small business with 8 work stations running win 7. Everything runs smoothly and we back up compulsively to physical hard drive as well as Gdrive. I don’t think it’s possible to upgrade to win 10 without purchasing all new machines and hoping that all of our programs run on the new platform. I realize that risk is there but am hopeful that my important stuff is always backed up. 

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Backups are fine, but you still would loose some data and time until you can restore. If 8 people have to wait because everything was taken down by a ransomware, plus your customers do the same, it may not really come cheap. And did you ever perform a restore ? I did, from my NAS where my backups are stored, and it took quite some time just to get a single workstation back to normal. Gigabit-Ethernet sounds like fast, but in fact it is only 110MB/s, and less in real life. You need appr. 5hrs to play back a TB of data.

To buy new hardware there could be better moments than just now - chips are short, hard drives are expensive. On the other hand what you buy today should be able to run Win11 in the future. Maybe plan ahead, and replace 2 machines every year.

We run Win10 on a 2012 HP i7, that was delivered with Win7. It is running better with Win10 than it did with Win 7 !

The only modifications we made were in total 200€/$: A SSD as main drive, and another 8GB of RAM. It would be cheaper today.

Win10 is smooth, does not really eat into resources and able to execute older 32bit apps. If you run a small network, I would probably wait with the major updates every 6 months until the usual places in the web signal they are safe to install. 

If there is not a very special hardware running on the PCs, I would really consider the change.

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