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Web Clipping cutting articles in half (vertically)

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I have been clipping recipes from web (Mac OS)  for years without a problem and syncing with my iPad Pro. Recently, web clipping stopped working properly. No matter what I do (article, simplified article, full page), the clip appears on my iPad with the entire right hand side cut off--so that it appears as a long thin article. I'm on Mac OS 11.5.2 and iPad is using iOS 14.7.1.

I've attached screen shot that shows the vertically truncated page.

anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 11.28.19.png

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Thanks. Found your original post, but went through *your* profile to find it. 

i didn’t know my profile could shortcut me to support threads, so thanks for that. 

in this case-because your original answer was in a different thread (which I wasn’t a part of )-don’t think I could get to the answer by going through my profile. 

Regardless good to know that the half-width pages are a known bug. 


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