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Can't start Evernote. Error alert message says restart or shut down.

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OK, then a possible cause is that you exceed the device limit.

Go to your account settings, tab devices. The maximum is 2 (Web Client counts as well as a device), if you want to add a device you need to be down to 1. Revoke as many devices as necessary to get back into the limit.

Try again to log in.

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Thank you for the information! On my iMac it will not even let me click on account setings before the alert message pops up and on my phone I can't use it...perhaps because I'm logged in here now. On the setting here in the browser it says recently logged in devices is browser and iMac only though...

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You mentioned iPhone, Mac and browser - this already makes 3 devices.

My impression is that the devices tab does not always update itself perfectly. Mine is for example showing the last login into the web client as 9 months ago - but I use it pretty frequently, on different browsers. Have no problem, since I am a subscriber.

As a user, I can think of 3 options here:

1) Try to unsync one of the devices, see if it logs in now.
Caution: The number of unsyncs is limited to 2 per month as well, so not much room for experimenting here. It might result in a complete lockout for 30 days, that can only be lifted early by subscribing for a month.

2) Try support, choose „Account“ as ticket type

3) I could try to flag your post to EN staff - the devices tab should work correctly, because it is important in cases like this.

Up to you which road you want to take. For option 3 I need a feedback from you.

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