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Evernote keeps freeze-crashing on Android (Samsung Galaxy Flip 3)

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Hi there,


In the last week my Evernote has been unusable (despite rebooting my phone) as it keeps crashing on Android (Samsung Galaxy Flip 3). Everytime I open an note, and as soon as I try to edit, it freezes, and I have to close Evernote... as a paid user, there's no point having Evernote I can't use on my mobile!


Can you please fix?




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23 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Just a little improvement: Don‘t use the feedback, issue a support ticket.

AFAIK to a feedback no activity log can be attached, and there is no answering by EN on feedback.

You find both options in the app settings, tab support.

Thanks for that - you're right indeed. Thanks for the tip, very helpful! I'll go and lodge a support ticket from Evernote mobile...

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