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Stuck on 'Please Wait..' message when opening app on Android phone.

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Please help! I received an email from Evernote that my account was accessed in Indonesia last evening. I immediately reset my password and enabled two factor log in, revoked all access. Then I tried to reinstall the android app and having downloaded it, I tried to open it, and keep getting a stuck message 'Please wait" with a spinning circle. Tried uninstall and reinstall but same is happening.

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Free account ?

Then you are (probably because the hackers device is counted as well) above your device limit now. The uninstall/reinstall probably makes your phone counted as a new device.

The best way to unlock it is to use any other device that is still synced. Go to account settings, devices, and unsync as many as to go down to 1 device left (the one you use for that operation). If you have no device left, to go to Evernote.com and try a login there.

If nothing works, you may come back here.

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If you have only the web registered (= 1 client only), adding a second device should work. The web client counts as a device.

The usual stuff now is:

Switch the phone off and on again, try again

Uninstall the app, switch the phone off/on, reinstall 

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Same problem here. Got a message from Evernote that someone logged in from Thailand. I changed my password immediately I read it . Been trying to log back in ...no way. Keeps waiting and waiting. This is so frustrating. I have so many important info there. 

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To resolve the issue you need to open shared link from another users Evernote. Verification code will be sent by the Evernote. After that issue will be resolved. Last version of the Evernote installed on my Asus mobile. 

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