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[Content missing] Images copied/pasted from websites got broken as untitled attachment and not shown in notes

Kael Nam


The images I copied from websites (using right-click, copy image operations) and pasted in the Notes got broken as untitled attachment and not shown anymore after some time. I'm not sure exactly about the timing when this occurred but I seems to be after I switched to another notes or logged out of the Evernote once. Other images which were pasted by other operations like attaching local saved photos or pasting photos from the Windows snipping tool have no problem. 

I've experienced this issue in both the web client (Chrome on Windows10) and in the Android app.

I've searched the discussion threads and found that the image pasted like my case is not the real image but the URL link to that image which may be broken. Still I haven't found the solutions. Is there any workaround on this issue?

Thank you very much in advance.


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If you copied and pasted the link, the best you can do is maybe try the wayback machine at https://archive.org/web/ and hope that it shows up there. Whether or not it shows will depend on a number of factors but it's at least worth trying. 

Going forward, there are three main ways to get an actual image instead of a link. One is if you right-click it and see "Copy Image" - that's what you want. Then paste that into evernote. Often that option isn't available but you'll still see "Save image as" which you would have to save to a local place like your desktop then move to evernote. Or you might get "Copy image address" which you can usually open a new browser window on and paste that into the address bar and see the image by itself...then right click that and possibly copy or save it. There are also browser plugins for browsers that force the "copy image" or "save image as"  options some of the time. 

If all else fails, you can use the screen capture function on evernote. The help files can guide you through that. 

Understand that all of these tools and options employed by the developers of the content you are looking to save are there to help them control copyright on the images. But often there's a misunderstanding of the specifics of copyright and both developers and content providers can get overlealous of images and/or accidentally employ one security level on the entire collection of images in a website while many images fall into other categories. There is a general consensus that you can use public images for personal use only which means for things like research, school work, etc. Ultimately it's your responsibility to know what the law is around such things so my advice is in no way meant to help circumvent copyright. Only to help you accomplish your goals assuming that you know that you have a right to the images. 

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If a link is pasted, and then the target of that link is removed from the web (or placed behind a paywall), the link breaks.

Conclusion: If you want to save something for yourself, don’t save a link, save a copy of the underlying file. Usually by a right click on the resource on the web site a real download or copying can be created. If you have problems posting it directly into EN, paste it into a folder or on to the desktop.

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Thank you so much, @kfreels @PinkElephant.

Although I performed the "Copy Image" operation, the problem occurred as I posted this thread. The source website hosted the images requires login, so I think that may be the cause.    

Now I've reattached all the images again by saving them to local first. There's no problem reproduced until now.

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